We provide Best Gym Membership and Fingerprint System

In this system the members further spread the word and help with bringing in more members. For today’s customers, every title details matter. Time wasted in struggle to find the membership card and showing it at the front desk, can be too much for some members. This process being repeated daily can make them look for alternatives. Member Centrum is gym membership system designed to make it easy to maintain detailed records of our members and their memberships, book classes and trainers, process and track sales, and communicate mass with the proper members at the proper time.

We provide fitness software solutions to customers in India. As industry leaders, it’s our responsibility to be at the forefront of gym management software innovation and to cultivate the newest fitness trends and advances into actionable tools that can contribute to our customers’ mission of bringing wellness and happiness to the lives of their members.

Gym membership software fingerprint system with integrated access management will resolve problems related to card primarily based arrival and deliver a nice expertise each for member’s in addition as athletic facility staff.  Fingerprint primarily based athletic facility membership management system will simply address this challenge and please the members. For real members, fingerprint entry plays as good as unrestricted entry. This feeling of unrestricted entry makes members feel happy and privileged.

  • Gym members are often denied entry because they left card at home or lost it on the way. With fingerprint arrival, members don’t have to face these circumstances. There may additionally be eventualities arduous to manage, for example: a member forgotten his or her card at home can insist on entering, resulting unnecessary arguments and spoiled environment.
  • At Member Centrum gyms use bar-coded membership cards to manage identity and keep track of their members. A member has to present his or her ID at the entrance, where an employee can track check-in and check-out timings. Keeping track of member timings becomes an engaging process and requires a dedicated employee to bear the responsibility. Member time tracking could be manageable if that was it, things further complicate with different members having different membership types, membership fees getting due on different dates, membership renewal and expiry and access control only to entitled facilities.
  • Fingerprint powered membership management system will integrate payment information with the member record and might place the entire payment information management on auto-pilot. Bio metrically updated payment records leave no probability for errors and fitness center administration will be assured that fingerprint bio metric system do their job of keeping payment information secure.
  • Data could be a precious resource, capturing it manually cannot make best use of it. Member information captured by process will be helpful in generating completely different charts, reports and creating sense out of them. It can help analyze trends, which can be useful in making business estimation and taking actions. Fingerprint scanners are not exclusive to members; employees can also be registered with their fingerprints to keep track of their attendance and in/out timings, it results in payroll efficiency.

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