Ways by which you can creatively engage your child in Math’s

We love to travel, visit museums go out for vacations, etc. Sometimes we hop on to adventure parks, joy rides which is part and parcel of our vacations. In fact, most of us tend to remember these occasions in the years to come. The reason why this did occur because we left an emotional connect by these events. The moment we learn about it we feel in depth. Our mind captures these memories and feelings in the bank of memories.

In the same way, when a child encounters shapes, numbers, time or money they develop a connection. They remember and experience it for a long period of time. This is what a CBSE class math 8 study material thrives to achieve as the practice is perfect. If you love the subject it can be your child’s best friend. Just make them think, ask questions, look forward to a brainstorming session and let them make mistakes. Once we make mistakes we do learn from them.

The key is to develop an artistic connection with the subject. Once the kids love the subject they are bound to give their best

Take their help in grocery shopping

It might seem to be a simple and informal way to learn maths. When you are at the grocery outlet you can learn addition, subtraction, multiplication or even division. All of them can be learned together. Here they are going to learn to budget and even to spend money in a wise manner. For sure they understand the value of money and trim down their excess demands.

Take them out to places

Once you are traveling with them you can discuss with them specific topics about Maths. You can educate them about the area, distance, space, circumference, distance, etc. Once you show them the parks or gardens you can discuss with them various career options. This can be about engineering, architecture, advertising, interior designing and a lot more. The key is to educate your child and make them aware. It is not that the kid would be able to make instant career decisions. But you might be able to develop an interest in them. This might help them to explore worthy careers in the days to come.

Share stories

You can share stores that go on to involve mathematical concepts. In fact, you can ask them to put a mathematical story for you as well. This could be of real fun while learning. You can allow them to share the day to day incidents with their friends in school. Even you can gain an idea of how these concepts can be put to use in the day to day life.

To sum it up kids tend to be curious and understanding when they have an idea about the essence of the application. You have to just tweak the approach with a better sense of understanding as this can be of real help. I just wish that kids practice more of Maths as they would become perfect in no time.

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