Understand and Install Optical Fiber

Optical Fiber

What is optical fiber and what are its differences with ADSL?

What is optical fiber?

Fiber optics is the latest technology in Internet access. In practice, it allows the transfer of data at high speed via light. The latter passes through a cable containing glass or plastic son as fine as a hair.

The deployment of the fiber requires the creation of a new, completely independent network, be it the telephone network or the cable. On this network, data can be transmitted quickly over hundreds or even thousands of kilometers.

The development of fiber goes hand in hand with the evolution of uses and the growing needs of individuals (individuals and businesses). It should be noted, however, that the installation of optical fiber is generally observed in densely populated areas. This is mainly due to the costs of deploying such technology.

What are the differences with ADSL?

Focus on the main differences between ADSL and Orange optical fiber: the table below compares the technical characteristics as well as the average download time of music content (10 pieces of 40 MB each), photos (200 in 8 MP 480 MB each), full HD movie (30 GB) and reaction time on online games (latency).

What are the advantages of fiber optics?

Installing fiber optics allows you to enjoy many benefits:

  • The fiber is more stable than ADSL because insensitive to electromagnetic disturbances
  • The quality of the connection and the throughput are not conditioned by the distance to the optical connection node
  • The optical fiber carries data over very long distances without attenuation of the signal
  • All members of the household can take full advantage of the performance of fiber optics, regardless of their activity (TV, Internet, phone)
  • Users can enjoy TV up to high definition (subject to compatible hardware)
  • Optical fiber Jobs offers better flow. Data transfer is 60 times faster than with ADSL 
  • Affordable rates. A fiber optic subscription is not necessarily more expensive than an ADSL offer and provides a much higher quality
  • The fiber makes the symmetrical flow possible (upward and downward flows transmitting the data at the same speed).

Deployment of optical fiber: from operator to users

Plant-fiber-optic-1VINCI Energies, through its brand Axians, has deployed optical fiber on behalf of large national operators in many regions, such as the Moselle and French cities such as Lille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, the Paris suburbs, and abroad as well as in France. Poland and Germany. Axians also offers a specific offer for operators to connect small and medium-sized businesses to these very high-speed networks. As a result, VINCI Energies is helping to reduce the digital divide and promote ultra-high-speed Internet access for everyone.

Optical fiber: broadband Internet everywhere, for everyone

The high and very high-speed connections made it possible to streamline and speed up communications. By transporting the data at the speed of light, on a light signaled in a fiberglass or plastic finer than a hair, the optical fiber allows a flow approximately 100 times higher than the ADSL network! This light signal can carry data over very long distances, almost without loss.

Much faster access to the Internet, the possibility to watch television in HD, multi-connection … New uses related to the best quality of the bit rate appear and the number of subscribers to an FTTH network has increased by 70% in one year (at 2nd quarter 2013)! For communities, having a broadband connection has even become an issue of attractiveness that can attract residents or make value to a property.

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