Types of fencing required based on property type

A purchase a fencing wire that actually solves your requirement it is extremely important to select a correct type of fencing wire and this selection can be done based on the property type that an individual or organisation has.

Several different property types are as under:

  1. Vacant Land:
    Lands that are left vacant for a significant amount of time are usually a common site. They are extremely easy to spot out and are usually a target for trespassers and most commonly garbage dumpers. A minimum amount of security to lands like these is important for the landowner. Fencing would help by keeping the vacant safe and sound from any sort harm and would also save the landowner time, money, and effort that the owner may spend on the legal issues.
  2.  Agricultural Land:

For the agricultural land, protection of the crops is of utmost importance as it is the output of a lotof hard work, time and sweat that the farmers put into the land. A very common problem faced by the agriculturalists is grazing of the domestic animals, theft and finally crop damage done by the wild animals.

In case of an issue of grazing by the animals, the best solution is 3×3 gi chain link fencing either done on stone or even concrete posts. The best part of this kind of fencing is that it doesn’t harm the animals in any way and still keeps them away from spoiling the crops.

  1. Residential Land

When we talk of residential vicinity, one cannot completely ignore the value of a proper fence. The purpose of these fences is to keep the residents and the area safe and secure. Since it is your home, it is bound to have valuables things. Anything and everything that one owns will usually be at the residence. And so, ensuring the security of this land is very important. A residential fence can be purchased at a very economical price. The most commonly used fence system that is being used nowadays is concertina coil that is mounted directly on a Y-angle

  1. Factories

A Factory site is usually a facility wherein the goods (often expensive)that a company manufactured. Several different processes take place in a factory premises. This makes the factory areas to be secured even more essential. It is for this reason the factory owners ensure that there are enough number of personnel in the security department that are hired to maintain the safety of these units.  The best option available for securing the factory is by using a concertina coil which is extremely difficult to even climb.

  1. Parks or green space

It may be important to maintain the boundaries in parks making sure the people don’t through garbage and spoil the space, turning it into an ugly space. Children and elderly love going to the parks and spending time. It is for this reason that protection of parks with fencing panels is considered a good idea.  It is this pvc coated chain link fence which is most commonly used system. It is very economical and neat looking.

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