Travel Tips for Indian Pilgrims Before Starting Journey

Amarnath, one of the most famous of pilgrim locations in India, recorded more than 2 Lakh pilgrims in 2018. Recently, Jammu and Kashmir government spent $72 million to prepare the roads for this year’s travels. 

On the other hand, the Golden temple or Harmandir Sahib records a daily footfall reaching around 1 Lakh which almost doubles during festivals like Gurpurab or Baisakhi. 

Pilgrims from different corners of the country cover challenging terrains and travel every year to reach pilgrimage destinations like these and numerous others. Quite expectedly, numerous issues come along with such vast tour planning, especially with whole families being involved typically. From medical aid to travel and accommodation assistance, any sort of emergency that might arise on such tours must be dealt with promptness.

Pilgrim travel insurance plans are one such financial product which is custom-made to serve every sort of necessity that might arise during such expeditions. These insurance policies are tailored keeping in mind that most often such journeys include the elderly as well as children. 

Consequently, insurance aggregators like Bajaj Finserv offer Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions like Pilgrimage insurance Policy. These policies have high insurance cover amounts for medical emergencies with additional funds for travel and accommodation costs. They even have services which can be availed to block credit and debit cards in case they are lost.

For potential pilgrims planning a tour, there are numerous basic tips along with a pilgrimage insurance policy, which can assure of a smooth trip. 

While preparing for their journey, it is well advised to keep in mind the following –


  • Carrying basic medicines: It is best to carry basic medicines while on pilgrim trips. The rigours of travel and climate can lead to basic health issues like fever, cold, etc. which can be easily dealt with simple home medicines.
  • Essential items: There are some essential items which are best to carry while on a tour that can ensure safety from numerous hazards. Along with medicines, these include identity credentials, dry food, water, and umbrella.


    • Basic fitness: Pilgrim tours typically require a lot of travelling along with situations like long distance hikes or climbing of hundreds of stairs. Consequently, it is crucial to maintain a basic fitness before embarking on a pilgrim tour even if someone has a health and travel insurance in India since some of these exhaustive parts of journey cannot be avoided.


  • Comfortable footwear: With high chances of long distance trekking and even climbing up stairs or mountain trails, it is crucial travellers equip themselves with comfortable footwear. This allows them to traverse long distances without much stress.
  • Vigilance: Destinations famous for pilgrimage have immense footfall through the whole year and as a result many incidents of fraudulent activities or thievery are common at such places. It is imperative that pilgrims try and be vigilant during travels. Availing a Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions like a Personal Trip Effects Insurance Cover policy provided by Bajaj Finserv can be beneficial.
  • Travelling light: Carrying fewer belongings allow more of easy mobility. Chances of lots of travelling on foot along with risks of theft or loss makes travelling light a must. Even if their belongings are covered under a domestic travel insurance plan, travelling light makes it easier to keep them safe.
  • Conducting research before embarking: Conducting a thorough research on the destination beforehand ensures a much smoother tour. This is especially advised in cases where an individual is travelling with family.


Along with these simple tips and an insurance plan for pilgrimage, one can also buy a wallet protect card protection insurance policy to ensure absolute safety for their wallet and everything in it. 

This is especially worth mentioning since pilgrimage destinations are especially subject to incidents of theft and loss. A wallet cover plan along with a pilgrimage holiday travel insurance policy guarantees complete financial safety and assurance in cases of emergency.

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