Reasons to Buy the Mini Car DVR

It sounds almost futuristic but the mini car DVR is taking off in a big way. Many people are looking to turn their mini car kopen into places of entertainment. Therefore this gadget fits the bill with its 32 GB SD card and 3 mega pixels capability. For traders the wholesale price is $92.50 while the recommended retail price is $92.50. That means that a unit profit of $10.00 is possible within the right market conditions.

Why buy such a gadget?

1. It adds entertainment to the driving experience. Driving can be a dreary experience. The mini car DVR can add some interest to the way that the drivers enjoy the journey. This is particularly important on long journeys where the family takes turns in front of the wheel. The person that is taking a break can use the accessory to relax and keep fresh before they have to drive again. This gadget will make those long camping trips more interesting for the entire family. Of course it is advisable not to drive while watching the screen as this is a dangerous distraction.

2. It is a great accessory that can keep the children entertained. People that travel with children will know that it is nearly impossible to keep them under control on a long journey. After some time they will begin to argue and fight. The presence of the mini car DVR might be the distraction that they need in order to enjoy the journey. It will also mean that the parents do not have to spend the entire journey on a peacekeeping mission. This gadget can change things for the better in terms of the longer journeys.

3. The pricing structure is minuscule compared to the overall price of the vehicle. At just under one hundred US dollars, this is an indulgence that is within the reach of many middle class families. It opens up the possibility of using the vehicle in an imaginative way. The pricing structure has been deliberately low in order to attract customers that might not be too enthusiastic about a new gadget.

The decision to buy this accessory is entirely up to the car owner. However the points above indicate that it brings a certain level of utility to the driving experience. Therefore efforts should be made to include it within the purchase considerations for the family. It is definitely worth all the minimal investment that is required.


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