Pros & Cons of Mac OS

pros and cons of macOS

Every one of us has encountered a Big Apple fan. Now they do have some valid points to admire their choice. Of course, you can’t overlook the flawless beauty of iMac, and slender pleasure of MacBook Air, we all adore them. Nevertheless, the question arises how these devices form such affection and loyalty among users, while they can always buy totally fine windows PC within that budget. So, here we have gathered some pros and cons of Apple computers, to help you choose better. 

Before getting started let’s get into a fact first. Most of us consider a PC as a windows computer but we need to know that in actual Macs are PCs. In 1970  Apple initiated the computer revolution of a personal computer with its Apple II.

User experience

The OS of Windows and Mac is the basic part of the user interface. Our relation with our computer brings a pleasing atmosphere around us. However, Windows 8 was a real disappointment in both design and customer satisfaction. Finally, all of our prayers were answered and we got Windows 10 which turned out to be much better, nevertheless, there is still room for improvement. 

Though there are some myths related to macOS as well, let’s go through them and see to the extent they are true. 


  • macOS is reliable: Most of us have heard that MacOS is reliable and more secure as compared to windows. That is not entirely true. The reason behind this is Mac holds less than 10% of market share which results in a few malware and attacks tools design for this. 



  • Apple OS is for Artists: The OS in Mac comes with some built-in tools. Such as garage band and iMovie. But you can also download some third party software on windows. You also save lots of money on windows apps as well. 



  • Over expensive: Of course, Apple devices are expensive as compared to a few other computer brands. But when we take a look at the cost of manufacturing, the end product doesn’t seem so expensive. In the end, we got premium quality products with maximized durability. We can’t overlook the amount of money Apple spends on research & development which is also included in the cost of the end product. However, there are many time management apps that first of all aren’t available for Mac or even if they are available, they cost too much. 



  • Difficult to use: This is one of the most contradicted myths about Mac OS. This OS is more easy to use and operate as compared to Windows. Once it comes handy it is very user-friendly. 



  • Free from Virus: As it was mentioned above, attackers worldwide don’t really target Mac devices. But doesn’t mean MacOS can’t get infected by any trojan horse or worm.  


Now that we all are aware of some popular myths of MacOS. Let’s see what are its Pros and Cons. 



  • Secondary OS:  Some previous Macs had a built-in function called BootCamp. Which allowed us to install other OS like Windows and Linux as a secondary OS. 



  • Integrated devices: Apple design devices that seamlessly work with other Apple devices. They are built with a similar internal mechanism, which delivers a refined user experience while using multiple Apple devices. 



  • Without Bloatware:  Every other computer comes with Bloatware, which eventually slows down your system. However, this isn’t the case with iMac or Macbooks. Their software and hardware are designed simultaneously for the best performance.  



  • Peerless design: The most prominent selling feature of Apple devices is its sleek and peerless design. Fun fact: the very first laptop designed by Apple was the slimmest laptop at that time as well. However, they are still keeping up their tradition with their slimmest desktop version of iMacs. 



  • Versatility in readability: Not the prominent feature but Macs’ ability to read FAT and NTFS files is a plus point however Windows is not able to read file formats designed by Mac. 




  • Limited options: One of the biggest drawbacks of Apple devices is that they don’t offer much freedom. They don’t offer many variants of their machines. Due to this particular reason, some users tend to use Windows OS because of the wide range of custom choices they offer. 



  • Unable to upgrade: Apple doesn’t allow the user to upgrade their pre-used devices mean you cant change RAM, Processor or motherboard. You have to stick to the device you purchased. 



  • Not Good at gaming: Many users claim that they are unable to play luxurious games on Macs which is true to some extent. Apple doesn’t insert a huge amount of graphic memory in them resulting in low gaming performance. 



  • Few and expensive apps: Due to Apple’s sandboxing requirement, very few apps are development for macOS. The ones which are developed are expensive as compared to other platforms. Such as there are very few real-time monitoring apps for Mac on the Mac App Store which is a major downside of Macs.


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