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MOBILE PACKAGING! 5 Tricks your Competitor Knows, But You Don’t

Cardboard packaging boxes are for every type and kind of product. Cell phone packaging cannot compromise on the quality of the packaging in every manner like durability and attractive appearance and also marketing and advertising along with the most reasonable and economical. Cardboard boxes are strong and sturdy, highly graphics friendly, sustainable, and the cheapest packaging boxes than any other alternative packaging solution that is available in the market. Wholesale dealers offer the lowest possible rates that are available in the market. It does not mean that these boxes are any less in quality than other expensive boxes that are non-ecofriendly and cause a lot of pollution. Isn’t it hard to get to know someone or be comfortable with someone without getting to know them, their name and what they do? Same goes for the packaging and very strongly. Customer will never be able to connect to you and your product unless they are familiar with your name, who you are and what is it that you have to offer. Imagine spending a large sum of money on a product and a brand that you are not aware of, especially when you are buying something expensive and of daily use like mobile phones.

Would you dare to Risk your Hard-Earned Money?

Never, the competition is tough and there are a lot of other amazing brands that may compete you with better cell phone packaging in creating an impact on the customers. This is actually what you are lacking and your rivals are having their heartiest meals, clinking glasses, and enjoying their success.

1) Aim right

If you are not sure that you want to eat an apple or an orange, no matter for how long you stand in front of refrigerator door you are never going to pick one or maybe it was that last piece of cake left from the party that you wanted in the first place. If another brand with an average product is making huge sales than it is that they know the trick, target the most sensitive node of the customers as it is the game of packaging in the end. To create an impacting packaging it is important to understand your target audience; who they are, what age group they belong to, what is their needs, what is it that they prefer the most in their smartphone, or do they just follow the trend?
It’s as simple as that.

2) Be original & creative

Do you think people like to see the same old packaging that they have been seeing since the start of the civilization or to the least from the last few years?
There is not a chance that if that product made a sensation with its packaging, another packaging is going to get the same attention, especially when customization gives you all the freedom to go beyond the conventional ways to create unique shapes, handy sizes, and mind-blowing phone case packaging.

It is important for a brand to make a strong, powerful and trustworthy image to be liked, trusted, and appreciated by the customers as people are not into buying the same things again when they can have something more unique. Besides the appearance, presentation of the brand in the market also affects the customers’ behaviour.

3) Practicality

Take your boxes away if they are not functional, takes years to unbox, or could not keep the product safe. What use is of spending money on some box that can’t do one job? Companies are very well aware of the fact that durability and functionality matter that most. Mobile phone packaging box that holds the product presenting it in an effective manner and are also easy to open or close give customers a better and pleasant unboxing experience. It increases the chances of a second purchase. Do not forget considering cell phone shipping box as it is important to handover the product to the customers in one piece without any damage.

4) Give out the right lead 

There are some products that need more focus on the information than the designing because of their nature and type such as pharmaceutical and electronics. Phone case box with the right information that is helpful for the customers in making a purchase is more appreciated. Companies who are well aware of the need for correct information at the right place on the box make it get more sales. There is a difference in features and benefits; place the services that your product can offer. As you know what customers are looking for, hit their sensitive nerve and make them feel that it is the right and the only product that they need, with packaging.

5) Make that sustainability sign Visible 

Another major factor that affects the popularity and sales of the product is a trend, People follow trends religiously. Everyone is aware of the fact that non-ecofriendly packaging has caused irreversible damage to the Earth and natural resource. Use it for the benefit and introduce sustainability in your product packaging. Cardboard makes the strongest cell phone box keeping the aesthetic appeal intact. If your customers can see that go green or recyclable symbol on the box there is no chance that they are not going to buy your product because;

Sustainability is a new trend!

Listen to your Godfather, “keep your friends close but your enemy closer”.
Along with your and customers understanding it is important to get into the details about your competitors; what are they up to, what they have been doing in the past and what their next move is going to be. You must know now that little planning and some effective customization can give you the same but even more popularity and love from the customers in the least time.

Enjoy creating those marvellous boxes!

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