Mittal Traders is best Suppliers of French Terry Cotton Fabric

French Terry could be a member of the terrycloth family of materials. Terrycloth fabric features loops of fibers that are quite absorbent. We are supply French Terry Cotton Fabric to Suppliers and they sale to cotton clothes makers. Terrycloth fabric can be woven or knitted, resulting in two very different types of fabric (source). The towel you dry off with once a shower or a dip within the pool is presumably a woven terrycloth material. It doesn’t stretch and also the fiber loops area unit visible on each side of the material. It’s absorbent, soft and cozy to the touch.

Another fun characteristic of Terry Cotton Fabric is that the looped side can be a different color than the smooth side. French Terry is commonly manufactured from mostly cotton fibers, blended with a small percentage of polyester, spandex, lycra or rayon. French Terry material with a lot of fabric or lycra can have a lot of stretch and higher recovery, while French Terry with rayon will be softer to the touch. New, property French Terry fabric options soy and organic cotton fibers.

Some Important points about Terry Cotton Fabric:-


Terry fabric is plain-woven on loom mistreatment 2 individual sets of warp threads. One set of threads incorporates a terribly loose tension. When the filling yarns are woven and then packed, the looser set of threads is pushed backwards, forming the characteristic loops of thread. With regular terry fabric, there are loops on both sides of the fabric. French terry fabric, on the other hand, is woven so that the loops of thread are only on one side of the fabric. The other facet is sleek, flat and knit-like in texture. French terry fabric is usually machine knit instead of plain-woven.


French terry fabric may be a lightweight to medium weight material. Like regular terry fabric, the looped side of French terry cloth is highly absorbent. Regular terry fabric is thicker and wont to create towels and alternative bath linens. Because French terry cloth is more lightweight and has a smooth side, it is suitable for garments, particularly sportswear and beachwear.


French terry cloth is widely available from fabric retailers in a variety of colors, patterns and materials. The fabric is usually made of cotton threads, but it is also available in synthetics and blends. French terry cloth comes with different degrees of stretch, from none to highly elastic four-way stretch varieties. Sometimes it is blended with Lycra for additional elasticity.


French terry fabric is usually wont to create robes. These are fashionable throughout summer months and in warm climates as they’re significantly lighter and cooler than regular terry artifact robes. The fabric is also used for special hair-wrapping towels and beach cover-ups due to its absorbent properties. Sportswear like sweat suits, hooded sweatshirts, yoga attire and shorts are sometimes made from French terry cloth. Infant and toddler article of clothing and bath linens are different things normally made of the fabric.

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