Learning the basics of the SAT exam

SAT or Scholastic Aptitude Test, formed by ‘The College Board’ company is one exam used by thousands of universities to measure how ready a student is, to be in the field of further academics.

However SAT scores don’t determine one’s life and it doesn’t stand for anything in particular. Standardized test scores can go on to predict how a student will perform, but that too only till the first year. The SAT scores do nothing more than that. It’s a simple college level test, not a test to grade your intellect.

When does one give SAT?

SAT is offered many times a year. In the United States it’s 7 times a year and outside the country it’s just about 4 times. Deciding on the month to take the test is a tough call because it’s not something you can just pick out of a bag of chits. Everything depends on your preparation from SAT Coaching In Noida and a lot of other factors. Focus on your goals.

Subjects involved in SAT

There are quite a bit of things one needs to cover when it comes to SAT. It involves quite a number of things, be it writing, math, test reading and language.

Reading has the following:

  • Global conversational passage
  • A literary passage
  • A passage on science with something paired.
  • One science passage with chart or graph.

Writing and Language have the following:

  • A passage on social studies
  • A passage on humanities topics
  • Another science passage.

The Essay section is optional which is usually for analysing how the author’s opinion in the passge affects the candidate.

The Mathematics section has:

  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Data analysis and Statistics

Why is SAT important?

A lot of children who want to go out of the country hold SAT very important. However it is not the most important factor and what counts is how you performed in the curriculum you had in school and your grades.

Keeping this on one hand, it is also important to know that some schools look at standardized test results as the first thing on the application. This has a strong effect on the decision on the adminstration, whether they will or won’t take you in.

So even if the scores are not the beginning or end of the world, they are important for that particular time period which makes it important that you get somwhere around 50 percent or higher.

Should you or should you not take SAT?

SAT Coaching In Noida grooms you for the test so that no stone is left unturned in your preparation.Even though taking the test is just a trend these days and many colleges take you on the basis of recommendation and your college activity, it can still be important. This is because you always need back up. Even if your dream college abroad doesn’t require SAT scores, it still becomes integral to have it, just incase you don’t make the cut. To have an option of the second best ready at hand is always better than having nothing to fall back on at all.

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