How Trade Shows Can Offer Your Business With a Definitive Boost?

Over the years we have seen how businesses have struggled to keep themselves relevant for the masses and how they seek out opportunities to forge new relationships and cement their dominance over the market further. However in recent times we have seen tradeshows and expos to emerge as a powerful platform to strengthen your business and its recognition as well as propel them towards potential growth and expansion. In 2016 alone, tradeshows in the US generated revenues of $12.8 billion through B2B media strategies and interactions. As we move forward this trend is naturally going to increase further as 68% of participants in tradeshow have already planned to achieve better results in the coming years. In this post we would like to offer you some valuable reasons as to why tradeshows can offer your business with defiant boost and open new doors of opportunity for you. Let’s take a quick look at each one of them: 

An Evident Improvement to Your Overall Sales

One of the best factors regarding tradeshows is that they bring forward high-quality leads. The majority of the attendees visiting a tradeshow are decision-makers with buying authority. Reports and studies reveal that 82% of tradeshow visitors belong from the management level that can effectively make a decision on behalf of their company and hence there is a huge possibility of forging new relations and making new deals. Furthermore 50% of attendees also confirm that they will be buying products or hire services that were exhibited in a tradeshow in a quick period of time that is less than a year. Moreover 80% of visitors proclaim that they bought the product or acquired a service exhibited in a tradeshow due to receiving a sample or a live demonstration of the offered amenity. All of this simply translates to the fact that tradeshows are indeed impactful in making your sales figure go up a notch.

Leaving Lasting Impressions

With over 92% of trade show attendees visiting a tradeshow just to have a look at the new products that are being introduced into the market, there is no doubt that there is ample room for your brands to make a lasting impression on them. Research shows that people like to receive things for free and that is why we highly recommend that you invest in custom trade show giveaways. Many people who receive giveaways are shown to keep them with themselves for at least a year. This means that your promotional item gets carried around with them throughout the year and reminding them consistently about your company and its offered product or services. The more utility a particular giveaway offers to your client, the more frequent their usage of that product will be. This acts as a silent reminder to them and hence leaves a lasting impression about your brand and business. Tradeshow promotional items are better and more impactful than running advertisements on-air and other media channels. This is due to the fact that promotional items are often everyday use items like drinkware, t-shirts, and office stationery that a prospect would use on daily basis. This makes them exceedingly influential in promoting your offered services and products. 

Building a Robust Network around Your Business

One of the biggest benefits that a company can derive from participating in a tradeshow is regarding their interactions and engagements during the event. Not only there are potential new buyers and prospects that barge in from all corners of your booth, but there is also a great chance for you to meet with suppliers, vendors, and other marketing agents operating within the industry that can become your possible business partners in the future. Furthermore there is a huge opportunity to learn and enlighten your team members as well. Many big shots and powerful entities visit tradeshows which means you can have a look at upcoming trends and new technologies that are to be introduced for the masses. As such you can ask your team to not only attend to visitors to your booths but also explore the venue and booths of other businesses that are exhibiting or showing off their new products or services. 

We hope this post was able to offer you a better understanding as to how tradeshow offers you a tremendous boost for your businesses. For more questions and queries regarding the topic, please feel free to let us know your comments in the section below.  



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