How To Save Laptop Battery Power?

Save Laptop Battery Power

All users faced one common situation. It takes a year from the date of purchase of the computer, as the battery charge is reduced by 30-50%. And then you have to look narrowly at those offers that offer to buy a new battery at a crazy price! It’s no secret that even in online stores, the cost of a new battery for a new laptop can be about $ 80-100!

But why each time throw your own money to the wind, when you can learn how to save battery power for a long time.

The first thing to do is to buy truly proprietary equipment. This directly affects the battery. If Li-Ion cells are manufactured in Korea, but only then everything will be put together in China, then such a battery will be of high quality. He will be able to work non-stop for 6-7 hours at an average load.

And the opposite is the case – if the inscription is visible on the back of the plastic battery that both the cells themselves and the battery itself are completely assembled in China, then this will indicate a low quality of the goods. The charge will last no more than 2-2.5 hours! Even with an average load!

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This can be seen on laptops brought from Dubai with an Arabic keyboard. It is better to take such equipment that is manufactured for Japan, Korea, Europe, and the United States. But not for the CIS countries! For the latter, components are selected of the lowest quality. The same applies to laptops made in Russia. It’s simply not possible to find worse equipment, components are delivered to Russia exclusively of the third level, that is, after Taiwan, the USA, and only our turn comes…

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But any battery can be saved. To do this, the new battery is charged up to 100% and is operated to zero. Such operation must be performed one more time. Then it remains to charge the battery up to 40-60%, wrap it in a plastic bag and put it in the side compartment of the refrigerator, in which the temperature is + 5-8 C. If everything is done correctly, then the battery in this state can be stored in the refrigerator for 8 -10 years without any signs of wear.

Further, the user will have to work on the equipment exclusively with a household electric voltage of 220 V, when only the power supply will be used. Another thing is important here – to avoid failure of the laptop, which may arise as a result of a sharp power surge – you should connect the equipment through the latest Turkish-made Pilot, which has a red fuse button … If there is a sharp power surge, from which often ” flies “South Bridge laptop best game Pubg mobile apk, then the fuse will break out.

If the battery is hopelessly out of date, then you can use the service of the restoration of lithium cells. Such work is relatively inexpensive (no more than $ 30) and will help to increase the battery life of an old battery by an order of magnitude.

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