How do you can lower the Effect of Gynecomastia Surgery?

How do you can lower the Effect of Gynecomastia Surgery?

Gynecomastia is an increase in the breast in men with hypertrophy of the glands and adipose tissue. It is a disease called gynecomastia, a disorder that results from the imbalance between testosterone (male hormone) and estrogen (a female hormone that is produced in excess). But the eye will also grow if you gain a lot of weight. There are many reasons that can cause this symptom, starting with physiological, due to hormonal imbalance (from birth, in adolescents during puberty, age), pathological (with impaired testicular, thyroid, liver or kidney function, with the appearance of a tumor) and ending with medications or other causes.

How to Get Rid of Gynecomastia?

When diagnosing gynecomastia, it is necessary to take into account the patient’s complaints, rely on objective data, on research (breast echoscopy is often performed). This operation is not recommended for patients under 18 years of age, since gynecomastia manifested in the teenage period, after normalizing the volume of hormones, can go away by itself. Three degrees of gynecomastia are distinguished, depending on the palpation of the glands and the volume of fat accumulations; after determining the causes of its occurrence and the degree of complexity, treatment is prescribed – medication (a disease that causes gynecomastia is treated) or surgical.

What is the Abstinence for this?

And as everything in this life has a solution, keep these two options in mind so that you forget forever the calls ‘man boobs‘. The first alternative is to help your body recover testosterone levels naturally. How is it achieved? In your routine I would say you have to include the exercise. For example, go for a run, ride a bike or get on the elliptical that you never use. It is also important that you lower the flours, sugars and fat. Include in your diet foods rich in zinc and vitamin D. If you are disciplined and constant, you will quickly notice the results.

The other alternative is to undergo plastic surgery (remember to see a professional gynecomastia doctor in Punjab). It is known as a gynecomastia or a breast reduction, where the accumulated fat is extracted in this area of ​​the body or a total extraction of the mammary gland. Men who undergo this procedure have an immediate result.

Effect of the Gynecomastia Surgery

With surgery, the man can feel comfortable again taking off his shirt and exposing his chest. Also for those who exercise the excess tissue in this area can be quite uncomfortable not only for the appearance but also for the physical performance as such. Inside the operating room there are two options for men. One is with liposuction in this area, but there are other cases where it is necessary to make a very small incision in the areola of the nipple to remove the entire mammary gland. Recovery depends on the procedure. But yes, every man will have to wear a kind of vest or tight girdle during the first month after surgery.

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