Five “New Age” Reasons To Share Market America

Market America

Market America has not only challenged the distribution, marketing and economic trends that give us power for this “new age” economy, but they’ve entirely created a whole new way to go about it.

The Market America UnFranchise® business is an extremely unique model because once you find a coach and mentor to pave your success path and help you find prosperity in today’s economy; they are going to teach, coach, train, develop, guide, manage and empower you to achieve your fullest potential.

The recommended training protocol for working on an MA team is to provide direction for free. Often times in the corporate and small business world this would be ludicrous because if you arm a co-worker or subordinate with your skills or tactic that differentiate your performance, you become vulnerable.

I share this perspective with you because building a  Market America is not comparable to building any other type of business. It’s very different, but provides much more of a sustainable up-side.

As your understanding becomes more clear and concise, one of the greatest attributes about sharing Market America with friends, family, prospects and colleagues is that you can pay your knowledge forward, and ultimately reap the major residual income and time flexibility benefits for your efforts.

In truth, your belief and knowledge, compounded with your prospects understanding of how to market these 5 fancies will have you partaking in lifestyle design sooner than you could even realize.

    1. Maximize Offline Relationships Online– The key to any business is to generate traffic. In the “old age”, the key to effective marketing was driving customers to your ‘brick and mortar’ storefront. In the “new age”, driving traffic is key, but capturing their info online is critical.


    1. Utilize A Web 3.0 Enabled Website/Blog– If you are not marketing to your “whole customer”, then what are you doing? Everybody prefers to learn in their own unique style. Providing an array of multi-channel marketing options not only makes sense, it increases conversions.


    1. Advertise Your Messages Effectively– There is nothing worse as a consumer or prospective buyer than when you can’t find what you are looking for. Therefore, if you are looking to market a business, don’t market your business… market the unmet need of what a business can do for someone. People don’t actually buy a product or service; they buy fulfillment to unmet needs.


    1. Automate Your Marketing And Sales Process– More and more internet enabled entrepreneurs understand that Facebook, email, blogging and text marketing are necessary, but the problem then and there is how to use them most effectively in a cohesive system that converts more sales for your business, while simultaneously training new business partners.


  1. Align People With Their Strengths And Passions– When a person is comfortable and on-point with something their passionate about, their natural strength tendencies become dominant.

Rather than sharing many of the “canned or scripted” answers that people want to talk about when looking to share Market America, I wanted to be more direct and honest about WHAT IT REALLY TAKES to succeed, expand your outreach, make money and grow an asset out of your UnFranchise® business.


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