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escape rooms
escape rooms

We know that escapes room Dubai is often intimidating.  they’ll even be absolutely booked… or even you’re having a tough time convincing friends and family or finding a time that suits everybody.  If you wish associate escape room fix and can’t book a space with us, or are with impatience awaiting the day of your game here at are you able to Escape? ,  here are a number of the escape area impressed board games you’ll play within the meantime!




EXIT contains a smart vary of games with varied themes and levels of problem.  There’s quite a ton of selection thus you’ll opt for the journey that calls to you the foremost.  all of them have one mechanic that is shared across all adventures: you get a cardboard wheel with a bit window which permits you to enter the code you think that is correct, that then offers you the amount of a card you wish to choose up.

If the code is correct, the cardboard can tell you ways to maneuver on, however, if the code is inaccurate, you may get to keep wanting.  what’s pretty cool with these games is that you just typically get a good quantity of themed props, and is commonly terribly active (sometimes you may fold, cut or tear the materials).

These are often extremely fun for smaller teams!


  • This game is pretty common and may be found in several games or book retailers, and isn’t too expensive (normally around £15)
  • Hands-on approach: you get to directly act with the props given.
  • Has a companion app that provides the tutorial for every journey (so you don’t ought to browse the manual) yet as a timer with some atmosphere music!
  • Clearly marked puzzle methods that are useful to organize info.
  • Lots of props with typically fun and artistic ways to act with them!


  • The games are single-use solely; not only does one already apprehend the puzzles, but you can’t trade it or make known once use.
  • There are plenty of “clue” cards that take up the house and will are integrated into the app.
  • Might not be the most effective for larger groups as they have a tendency to be quite linear and not everybody can get an opportunity at cutting, folding the props.
  • The cipher wheel will get a small amount repetitive as a mechanic, however, it’s okay thought out and generally enforced in surprising ways!




Unlock!  has many alternative editions of the sport thus there are lots of adventures, though you don’t get to decide on them singly such as you do with EXIT games.  they are available in packs of 3 with three levels of the problem in every pack, thus you’ll purchase one box and acquire a style for the various games that approach.

The approach this work is kind of totally different from EXIT; they’re card games.  You get 3 stacks of cards per game, and after you need to place along 2 objects (say, a lock and a key) you simply add the ranges on the cards and decide another card that has the resulting number on the rear.  If it’s right, well done!  you may get what you wish to hold on your journey.  If it’s not, you may get a time penalty on the companion app.  The cards have different types that are color-coordinated, like objects, doors/locks, and machines.  though these games don’t have props, the puzzles are fun and original, and nice for larger groups since everybody will have a glance the least bit the cards on the table.  Also, some adventures embrace fun team dynamics.  The app is absolutely well integrated and you wish to try and do bound things on your phone to induce the machines to work!


  • You get 3 adventures in every box that retails at around £30 (so after you deem it, it’s £10 per game!).
  • Really good app integration, with timer, ambiance music, clue system, and fun determination mechanics for “machines” (so you’ll say a part of the sport is virtual)
  • Often nonlinear thus superb for larger teams; everybody will deem totally different puzzles.
  • Features some original dynamics that boost the sport.
  • The games be reused/listed/ precocious since you don’t injury the sports materials.
  • Cards are separated by kind (object, doors, machines) that creates it easier to organize cards and make connections. you furthermore may have “room” cards, that shows a layout of the space you simply entered.
  • You will typically realize hidden numbers which can tell you to choose up that card, that the classic “hidden objects within the room” are integrated.


  • Not the maximum amount of an active approach and not as immersive, given you don’t get to directly act with props.
  • Penalties are counted on the app, which may be a small amount discouraging.
  • Some of the games aren’t as fun for smaller groups as a result of some embrace mechanics that place in situ a barrier in terms of communication, thus you’ll generally be functioning on your own for a short time.


Both games are fun and well custom-made to a transportable, parlor game format, however, we have a tendency to should admit the joys of physically escaping a space, being down by associate in-character Brain Games Dubai and interacting with themed props is incredibly tough to replicate!  it’s, however, positively associate expertise we have a tendency to believe everybody ought to experience a minimum of once, however, don’t take our word for it, come back and see for yourself booking one amongst our experiences!

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