Erectile Dysfunction Lotion – Does This Truly Work?

In the United States alone, there are fifteen to thirty million American men who are suffering form impotence of erectile dysfunction. Many of these men became less empowered, and have ended their marriage with their spouse in the dumps, after they failed to satisfy their partner’s desire during sexual intercourse.

It is a heartbreaking information, but this indeed is a fact and a clear picture that shows the sufferings of many men today. And worse, most of these men became depressed, anxious, or even jealous with other men who can give total pleasure and satisfaction to their wives.

Many impotent men in the United States seek medical advice to treat their condition. Doctors will perform thorough diagnostic test to determine the cause and extent of the condition, and eventually prescribe the appropriate therapy for it. Many of these doctor and experts of reproductive health may offer different kinds of therapies that include psychotherapy if the cause of the erectile dysfunction is psychogenic, drug therapy if the dysfunction resulted from imbalances in biochemical components of the body or trauma, and surgery if the cause is severe that damaged the nerves and blood vessels in the penile area, which are responsible to process erection.

But aside from these modes of treatment, many men employ other alternative therapies they havelearned by browsing the webpage, or reading advertisements on magazines. Some of these alternative therapies include the use of vacuum pump and herbal medicines.

One of these alternative modes of treatment that is increasingly gaining popularity is by using Erectile Dysfunction Lotion. Many men have tried it and have seen the benefits of this kind of product. In fact, many of them attested that their sexual life flourished after using it, because their penis erected and became harder and stronger.

So what is the truth behind Erectile Dysfunction Lotion?

Browsing the net may provide some answers regarding the effectiveness of this product as an alternative solution for impotence. There have been a great number of manufacturers, and each of them advertises their Erectile Dysfunction https://findhempcbd.com/reviews/ni…y-lotion-review/ product to be safe, effective, and cheap.

The components of a bottle of Erectile Dysfunction Lotion vary. But a lot of manufacturers usually include herbal components in their product. These herbal stuffs were proven by research and experts to be effective in giving the penis a full erection. Other ingredients include chemicals that are necessary to initiate erection and maintain it throughout the course of the sexual activity.

Some of the components of popular Erectile Dysfunction Lotion brands include the following:

a. Siberian Ginseng – improves the person’s stamina during sexual intercourse, as well as enhancing sexual performance. It restores the energy of penis muscles, and increases its strength.

b. Histidine – a chemical that is responsible for promoting orgasm, as well as relieving the person from stress and fatigue.

c. Arginine – an amino acid found in Soya that can stimulate the release of nitric oxide inside the body, which in turn dilates the blood vessels that allows for a good blood flow, thus erection is initiated and maintained.

d. Muira Pauma – an herb from Brazil that is usually has an aphrodisiac effect that increases sexual vigor and libido, thus sustaining the erection without disturbance on thought or focus.

e. Ginger Root – an essential herb that promotes a positive blood circulation in the different parts of the body.

These are only some of the ingredients being incorporated on a bottle of Erectile Dysfunction Lotion. There may have been no approved therapeutic claim on this product, but many people are already exclaiming their satisfaction over it.


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