Do The Surgeons in India Perform Kidney Transplant on Foreigners?


Every patient is essential to the doctors in India, irrespective of their caste, creed, status, and nationality. They must save lives, and they accomplish their duty without making any discrimination.

However, the country is amongst the top three nations across the world who receives the maximum number of healthcare travellers every year. It is because of :

  • The presence of several highly qualified surgeons
  • NCBI accredited multispeciality hospitals
  • Specialised renal centres equipped with the latest technology
  • The top medical tourism companies serving international patients as per their individualised requirements
  • Separate critical and emergency care unit, making the treatment possible without having to clear the waiting list
  • Economical Prices for kidney transplant surgery.

In short, one can avail the Best Kidney Transplantation in India saving the lives of the patient, and also helping them to recover back to a healthy lifestyle.

What are the prerequisites, if a foreigner wants to avail the kidney transplantation in India?

India is a country that offers highly convenient and quick medical travel for the patients. The patient does not have to waste much time before undergoing treatment in the country.

 A patient can directly approach the best surgeons in the top hospitals of India or can seek help from the top-notch medical tourism companies in the country. 

A Kidney Transplant in India for Foreigners is easy, yet there are specific criteria that a patient has to satisfy to receive a kidney transplant. Some of the key points to consider include:

  • The patient must be medically fit to undergo transplantation. He/she must not suffer from any other major organ disorder apart from kidney
  • The age of the patient must be between 18 to 50 years
  • The patient must have an eligible donor. The eligibility criteria for a kidney transplant donor in India, include:
    • Both the kidneys of the donor must be healthy
    • He must be able to clear all the necessary medical tests
    • The donor must have a blood relation with the receiver
    • The blood group of the patient and the donor should match 
    • The donor should not be obese or have diabetes
  • The patient and the attendant must-have a medical visa, the usual span of a medical permit is of six months
  • The cost of treatment for a patient may vary from another, depending on the medical condition and other factors

Usually, a patient does not suffer from any medical complications after the kidney transplant surgery in India. However, there can be a few temporary side-effects (not necessary), that subsides during the recovery period.

Final Words:

If you are recommended for renal transplant and do not want to undergo the treatment in your country because of the cost of treatment, absence of medical facility, the long waiting list for undergoing surgery or any other reason, plan your medical tourism to India.

Here, you will get the best-in-class treatment at the minimum possible cost. If you compare the prices of kidney transplant in India, and other countries, you will see that you can get the cheapest as well as a satisfactory kidney transplant in India.

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