All about Clone script and how to use them

clone scripts

If you have a business or an idea and you want to expand your reach, then the best medium nowadays is the digital platform. A good quality website not only showcases your product or services but also gives you ample opportunities to apply your salesmanship. Now the requirement is a good quality website and you may think that it is the most difficult part. But this is not so if you work smart. Your product or idea may belong to a well-established business niche. There may be several quality websites in that niche. You can get inspiration from the other websites and make your website by cloning. Website cloning saves the efforts to start from scratch and also provides an established platform to work your way out.

Using clone scripts to create your website

Suppose you are in a food catering business and you feel inspired by a website of your niche, then you or your hired developer can create a website having similar functions and features as the existing one. Other features to improve your website can be further added to your website according to suitability. This process is called website cloning. The website coding used as a reference is called the clone scripts. For creating a website clone, the developer copies the concept, features, and functionalities of an already established famous business, with the help of clone scripts already available on the internet. The additional features may be further added.

Benefits of clone script

  • Various benefits of using clone scripts are listed below.
  • Cost-effective- Website cloning eliminates starting from scratch and is a cheaper method.
  • Saving time- It saves time than developing a website from scratch.
  • Suited for customization- Any further customization may be easily done in existing website reference
  • Technically sound output- The quality of the website will be similar to the existing website
  • Effective benchmarking- It is an effective benchmarking method of getting inspiration from an existing successful website.

Are Clone script legal to use?

An obvious question that may come to your mind is whether website cloning and the use of clone scripts are legal. The answer is that the website cloning with clone script is legal to use until the patent and copyrights of the website or an already existing business are not compromised.

You should understand that website cloning does not imply to simply copy the source code and other features. Instead, we just take the idea and concept alone with some customization in the functionalities according to the requirement of the business. The additional features added later shall be selected to increase the reach and salesmanship of your product and services.


Website cloning will help in achieving an effective output with fewer resources, time and money. The website clone of many famous websites is available online. Care shall be taken not to copy trademarks, logos, copyright and patent product of an existing website. This method will keep your process legal and hassle-free.

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