10 Free Things to Do in Vietnam | Eat-Drink-Travel Repeat!

Our wanderlust has made us land in the beautiful city- “Vietnam”. There are plenty of exquisite places to laze around or do some adventures. But you have to spend bucks to experience those. Well, that’s fair enough, because a certain amount of tourism business goes to maintaining the places. If you are searching for things to do on the Vietnam trip, without spending a dime- here is what you need to see!

We spent almost one week in the colorful heart of Vietnam and had real fun without burning our pocket. So, yes, it’s possible. There are quite a handful of stuff you can add into your Vietnam tours bucket list, that won’t even require a penny. We have picked 10 exciting things to opt for while staying in Vietnam. Scroll down to have a look. 

Put on your swimsuit and dive into the sparkling water

Vietnam has got many amazing places to offer you the best travel experience. Different beaches with transparent blue water are hard to overlook. Talking about beaches, Hoi An, Phu Quoc, and Nha Trang are some of them that come to mind first. Just put on your swimsuit and go for a relaxing swim, or you can just spend your whole day lazing on the white sand or gazing at the scenic beauty of nature. 

Witness the untouched Vietnam- Go for a free walking tour

If you want to spectate the raw beauty of this city, just go for a free walking tour. There are several organizations offer free tours while providing a guide. You can also add some places on your own like we did while staying in Mercure Hanoi La Gare and visited the infamous train street. 

Visit a world heritage UNESCO site

Vietnam has 8 UNESCO world heritage sites that are worth paying a visit, especially when you don’t have to spend a single penny. You will be immersed in the essence of history. Along with that, you can have some great pictures for your insta feed! So don’t forget to add heritage sites to your Vietnam tour package.

Roam on the street of a local market

A Vietnamese market will let you explore the lifestyle of locals. If you just love meeting new people, knowing about their lifestyles, ethics- you shouldn’t miss this opportunity. As a cherry on the top, you are going to get some fresh veggies and fruits or taste the local food. Why spend money when you can have so many for free!

Get your blood pumping

Want to resume your fitness regime in a fun way? Well, there are many places to offer you free equipment. Though the equipment won’t be like something in a Gold gym, at least you can have fun while burning a few calories.

Introduce yourself with your spiritual side- visit a temple

There are a number of temples in Vietnam. Some of them ask for a visiting fee. But there are many which won’t. Just like we passed by Quan Su Pagoda temple while staying in Hanoi. 

Chill out amidst the greenery

If you couldn’t decide what to do in the lazy afternoon, just relax at a nearby park. Sit on the benches and enjoy the colorful surrounding or lie down on the grass and put on your headphones, or just read a favorite novel. 

Witness the crazy traffic

Have you ever seen chaos on the street during rush hours? Or just an older man crossing streets giving a facepalm to the road rules? If not, then just witness it in Vietnam. The crazy traffic will supply a lot of materials to laugh and experience. You may find yourself crossing streets just like a local end of the day. 

Visit the pretty lakes

Different pretty lakes are there in Vietnam. Tri An Lake is one of the largest one, nestled in Dong Nai Province. Pay a visit and feel the chilly refreshing breeze.

Get lost in the locals and feel the warmth

What can be better than mixing up with the locals, adopting their lifestyle, having their foods, and learning their language? Yes, go for it and have a different experience to cherish for a lifetime.

There you have it… Want to pack your bags today? Here is our Pickyourtrail team to make your travel experience even better! Book customizable Vietnam tour package and fly into this beautiful city. You’ve got a lot to explore. So why waste another minute?

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